Write For Us

Write For Us

Write for Us – So you want your content Featured right?

Well, we do accept and consider informative, fun, quirky, interesting posts for our website. It has to be well written though and as ever we have some important Guinness to follow. Please don’t just email us with your mundane generic email that you send every other blog. Be a bit personal and if you use the words “We will give you content for free” then we will deffinately not consider your post or idea.

Ok some guidelines…

  • Posts must be informative, fun, quirky, interesting to even be considered
  • It must be on topic or very closely related to other posts we have on our site
  • Content must be over 500 words. Anything less then its probably a waste of time
  • Yes we do allow links out within the content however, only 1 please, we will link out to any other relevant sites or internal posts on our site
  • Please send us an image as an attachment to the email, don’t paste in a Word Doc
  • We proffer content to be send in a Word Doc or Text format
  • Remember, make your opening email to us interesting, else we will just ignore it. We get tons of requests.
  • There is no charge. No charge if your content and posts is worthy of being on our site.

We are sorry but we cannot respond to everyone. Hit us up, send your stuff you never know, your post might just be published, if it’s good enough…

SORRY – No Automated Spun Crappy Content. We can read you know!

If you have read this far then contact us on the below details…

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