Making Your Home A Smart Home Is Cheaper Than You Think

If you mention the phrase “home automation” to people, some may conjure up images of the rich and famous paying huge sums of money for lighting and heating systems controlled by a room full of computer equipment which has been carefully and painstakingly configured by scores of computer programmers designing a system to the whims of a wealthy householder.

Those same people will think that in order to invest in a home automation system in their homes, it would cost them about a lifetime’s worth of wages. But the truth is, these days home automation systems are much cheaper than you might care to think, and would certainly be in the grasp of many people. Oh, and you do not need a room in your house filled from the floor to the ceiling with dedicated to complex computer systems (or computer programmers for that matter)!

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Why home automation has become cheaper

Many years ago, home automation systems would indeed have been expensive to install and configure in a person’s home, but thankfully the days of expensive home automation systems are over.

The evolution of smartphone and tablet device technology from companies such as Apple and Samsung has meant that home automation manufacturers can incorporate apps within such systems, to enable a homeowner to conveniently control many aspects of their home’s automation systems, regardless of whether they are at home or not thanks to Wi-Fi technology.

Because of the existence of such apps, one can control many elements of their home automation system without the need for professional configuration. These elements include lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, security systems and more.

The benefits of a modern home automation system

Modern home automation systems are also more ‘intelligent’ than older ones. For example, if there was a physical problem with your heating system (for example, your boiler stopped working), it can be set up to send you an email to let you know that it is having problems heating up your home ready for your arrival from work on a cold winter’s day.

They can also be customised as little or as much as you want. Taking our cold winter’s day example above, how great would it be to come home from work when it’s dark and cold outside, and find the heating and lighting on ready for your arrival?

Or conversely in the summer, if you have an air conditioning system installed at home, your home automation system can automatically control the climate in select (or all) rooms in your home, so that you don’t have to waste time constantly turning the air conditioning up or down all the time. Most cars these days have climate control, but how awesome would it be for your home to have that too!

Thankfully, there are many home automation systems on the market to suit a range of needs and budgets, so you no longer have to spend silly money on high-end solutions with features you will probably never use! Companies such as iLed can advise and install the perfect home automation system for you and your home.

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