Humans Replaced By Machines: The Future Of Security

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Regardless of the type of business you run, security should be a top priority, and although guards may have been the best precaution in the past, this is starting to change. Cameras and motion sensing equipment has been around for quite some time now, and let’s face it; we all knew the day would come when these devices and other technology would eliminate the need for human interaction, but it’s only now we’re really seeing this come into fruition thanks to advancements in HD recording.

With this in mind, I’ve written this short article to highlight the pros and cons of the new security systems vs old ones, and hopefully this should illustrate exactly why you need to get with the times and find a suitable solution for your company. Thieves are becoming much more savvy nowadays, and most professionals would have no trouble sneaking past a guard, no matter how skilled they were – this is why you need to seriously reevaluate your options before it’s too late.

The Pros Of Traditional Security Guards

Guards are able to alert the police to any wrongdoing straight away, and also act as a means of prevention, as some criminals would avoid breaking into a premises known to be under the watchful eye of a trained professional. Also, traditional security guards are quite cheap, as most will work for somewhere between £7 and £10 per hour.

The Cons Of Traditional Security Guards

Unless they’ve got a good camera to hand and have no trouble keeping up with ardent career thieves, the chances of them capturing evidence to help secure a conviction are rather slim. Also, criminals may feel more inclined and able to disable a human security guard over a digital system. That said; security cameras aren’t going to fight back, whereas a human being will, especially is he/she takes pride in their work.

The Pros Of Security Cameras & Systems

Strategically placed cameras and alarms can help to ensure any break-in is noticed instantly and recorded to ensure a conviction is achieved. Most criminals will run a mile when they hear alarms going off, but this isn’t a problem since your cameras will have their face recorded – this is why they’re used often in the construction industry to help protect the expensive machinery available from the likes of

The Cons Of Security Cameras & Systems

A security camera or any type of modern system for that matter is very unlikely to stop a robbery from taking place. However, it’s possible to pay some extra cash and have your system linked to local police stations or private security firms, meaning someone will be alerted instantly to the trouble, and this should increase the chances of the criminals being caught red handed.

So there you have it guys! I genuinely believe you should now have a much better understanding of how important it is to have a top of the range security system on site at all times to keep a watchful eye over your business premises.

See you next time!

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