Best Cordeless Home Phones Ever

Compared to other gadgets around the home, we don’t really think much about the humble home phone. As you long as you can make and receive phone calls on it, it doesn’t need to really do much else, right?

The thing is, there are many different brands and models of home phone on the market these days, and one of the most popular types of home phone are cordless phones. They were first offered to the general public back in 1994 (yes, that is over 19 years ago!) and one of the most important selling points of these phones is that you can take them anywhere within wireless signal range of the base or receiver.

This marvellous invention is a bit like the introduction of the wireless remote control for televisions; we all use them, but no-one has really given them a second thought as they are considered a ‘standard’ part of our lives in the 21st century!

If your existing phone has seen better days, or you have one of those “old fashioned” corded phones and want to upgrade to 20th century technology, then here are some really popular cordless phones for you to feast your eyes on!

BT6500 Cordless DECT Phone

The BT6500 Cordless DECT phone comes as a pack of two cordless home phones, and features the ability to save up to 200 contacts in the address book, and it also features a built-in answering machine that can store up to 30 minutes worth of voicemail.

But perhaps the biggest selling point of these cordless phones is their ability to block nuisance phone calls by utilising your caller display subscription from your telecom provider to bar any withheld, “unknown” or international calls, as well as up to 10 specific numbers.

iDECT Eclipse Plus Digital Telephone

If you are after a telephone that offers a truly futuristic style, then you consider the iDECT Eclipse Plus digital telephone! This is a must-have for anyone that is image-conscious about the styling of gadgets in their home, or for someone that just wants something completely different from a bog standard looking cordless phone!

It offers a long battery life, enabling you to achieve up to 13 hours talk time and 230 hours standby time, as well as a built-in answering machine and a phonebook that lets you store up to a massive 200 numbers.

Philips S10A Premium Cordless Telephone

Here’s a phone for you Apple iPhone or Android smartphone lovers! The Philips S10A is a very stylish and elegant looking cordless home phone which is perfect in any gadget lover’s home! It lets you store a ridiculously huge 2,000 contacts in its built-in phonebook, is compatible with Bluetooth headsets, and even lets you make and receive phones from your smartphone on it!

Oh and of course it has the usual features such as a built-in answering machine and caller display.

BT Diverse 7460 Plus

Finally, we have the BT Diverse 7460 Plus cordless phone with built-in answering machine. This cordless phone can have up to 5 separate BT Diverse cordless phones connected to it, and it even features a SIM card slot, enabling you to copy your mobile phone’s contacts to the phonebook on this cordless phone.

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