10 Gadgets that only Ridiculously Rich People can Afford

Everyone loves gadgets. We have gadgets in our homes, our offices and even our cars! Some might argue that gadgets like smartphones, tablet computers or even laptops like the Apple MacBook Pro laptop are expensive, but all those are still within most people’s reach, even if it means having to save up a while for them. Companies like Locogadgets offer a multitude of gadgets at really affordable prices for the average joe like me!

But then there are some gadgets which are ridiculously expensive, and unless we won the lottery or somehow managed to live and work for the next 1,000 years then there is no way most people could ever afford them!

Here are 10 examples of gadgets that only ridiculously rich people can afford.

10. £7,200 – Boardwalk Photo Booth

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If you run your own shop, then instead of getting a boring photo booth for your customers to use, why don’t you invest in this awesome looking replica Boardwalk Photo Booth?

9. £16,300 – CueLight Interactive Pool Table

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Anyone can get a pool table, but how many people do you know have a CueLight interactive pool table? With user-selectable images and a choice of 3 different modes, you can transform a standard looking pool table into a HD quality masterpiece!

8. £22,000 – Hasselblad H4D-60 Digital SLR Camera

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The Hasselblad H4D-60 is a digital SLR camera which boasts a massive 60 megapixel sensor and looks more like a camcorder than a camera.

7. £32,250 – MWE Emperor 200 PC Workstation

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Rich people do not need a boring desk and chair to sit at when they use their computers when they can buy the MWE Emperor 200 PC Workstation. You can have up to three 27-inch LED screens, a BOSE sound system, Recaro leather seat, a HEPA air filtration system and more!

6. £65,000 – Seabreacher

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Swim with the fishes with the Seabreacher, a unique way to take up an underway exploration hobby. All Seabreachers are bespoke to their customer’s specifications and are available to all people around the world (well, the ones that can afford to buy them anyway).

5. £124,000 – Flying Hovercraft

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If above-water exploration is more your thing, then you could always buy yourself your very own flying hovercraft! It has a 130 brake horsepower turbocharged engine which propels it over land and water, and can even fly up to 70 mph!

4. £655,000 – Restored Patrol Torpedo Boat

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You too could have a restored World War II patrol torpedo boat, one of old twelve in existence in the world!

3. £888,000 – Kuratas – The Japanese Human Rideable Robot

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Weighing 4.5 tonnes, the Kuratas human rideable robot is 4 metres tall and has an advanced control system which can also be controlled with a 3G smartphone.

2. £1.3 million – Personal Submarine

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The ultimate in underwater exploration, this personal submarine can carry two people and reach depths of up to 1,000 feet.

1. £10 million – Apple iPhone 5 Black Diamond

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The Apple iPhone 5 Black Diamond features a 26-carat black diamond which replaces the standard plastic home button, and most of the iPhone is adorned with 653 white diamonds and solid gold,

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