Will Gardeners Spend More Now The “Spring Chill” Is Over?



Gardening Spend Went Down During The UK Spring Chill…

According to BBC news, garden shopping went right down during those cold months. We had snow, cold weather and rain going right into late march. In fact, March 2013 was the second coldest March on record in the UK. Because of this, Gardeners have been staying inside and have not been investing in garden furniture as much. Which is understandable really. Who really wants to be gardening in the snow?

The early spring time is usually an ideal time for gardeners to get out in the garden again after winter and start digging and planting in preparation for summertime. It’s also a great time to go out and get some new chairs and tables such as Rattan garden furniture (luxury stuff!) or ornaments like this magnificent bronze Buddha. 🙂

Gardening Sales Down As Much As 35%

Reports of sales are down by a long shot so some reports say. Typically around 50% of the years sales come in the sping months of March, April & May. Given the already damaged state of the economy, this is the last thing garden businesses need – the weather effecting sales.

Gardener Bargains (The Good News?)

Maybe this is good news for gardeners, but because of all the extra stock that hasn’t been selling well at Garden Centers, a lot of them have decided to put the prices right down on them in a bid to get rid quickly before the new summer stock arrives. The garden centers need to make space for the new stock so plants and flowers are coming down to as little as 99p and garden furniture is being seriously reduced in price.

Long Term Effect… (The Bad News)

One spokeswoman explained that the drop in prices now could potentially mean garden centers will have to raise prices in the not too far future, just to stay in business. The lack of sales of the ‘spring chill’ and the forced bargain bucket will mean that garden business will have to make up for the losses eventually, and raising prices will be the only way to achieve this effectively.

Alternative Sales

Garden Centers have now been relying on alternative sales other than garden furniture and flowers such as gifts, refreshments and indoor furniture and plants for the home. Gardening centers will have to be very creative now and give people a reason to visit their location and spend money. The internet will be a great way of keeping low overheads whilst still being able to sell. If more small privately owned garden centers got on the internet it may be able to save them.

Garden Centers Aren’t The Only Ones…

Garden centers aren’t the only ones effected by the bad weather. Other business such as high street shops have been effected as not many people are going out shopping on the high street. The drop has been reported as over 5%. They have took to the internet in the warmth of their home for shopping. Even supermarkets have seen a fall in walk in shoppers.



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