The Latest Pop Stars to Dive into the World of Psychic Readings

It’s not just us seemingly “normal” folk who feel the need to visit psychics from time to time for a bit of helpful guidance. Plenty of celebrities know that speaking to a genuine, professional psychic for an accurate reading can help them gain perspective and see things in a new light, as well as point them in the right direction. Here are the latest pop stars to dive into the spiritual and mystic world of psychic readings:

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Rih-Rih is probably the most recent star to have visited psychics and buddhist fortune tellers after becoming terrified that she’s going to lose her fame. The star is said to have become incredibly paranoid (perhaps it’s all that Cannabis she’s smoking?) and superstitious, finding omens and warnings signs in everything she sees and does. It’s no surprise that Rihanna feels a little lost and confused. She is constantly scrutinised in the press, first for openly promoting Cannabis and then for getting back with her ex Chris Brown, whom she had a publicly rocky relationship with. Hopefully the Buddhist fortune teller and psychic put her on the right path!

George Clooney

In 2009, George Clooney who has been crowned “the world’s most eligible bachelor” is said to have visited a psychic to help him with the doubts he had about life. George was feeling a bit down in the dumps and lost as his best friend of 18 years, a pot bellied pig called Max, passed on to the other side. George was hoping to have some of his questions answered and even to maybe make contact with Max. George loved Max so much, even joking that he was his “longest ever relationship”. At 18 years, Max lived to a very ripe old age for a pot bellied pig.

Cameron Diaz

Miss Diaz was spotted in 2008 leaving a known psychic tea leaf reader’s place. The psychic’s name is Mrs. Grace and she resides in West Hollywood. It was never revealed why Miss Diaz wanted some guidance, however there are rumours that she was having doubts about her love life.

Brad Pitt

Celebrity psychic Ron Bard was the man who advised Brad Pitt when he was looking for answers in 2010. Pitt contacted the psychic when he was filming the motion picture “Mr and Mrs Smith” with now fiance Angelina Jolie, sparking rumours that he was after some relationship advice.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is also a firm believer in spirituality. Her contact with psychics is thought to have began in 2007 when Angelina’s beloved mother died. Apparently, she likes to use the same psychic regularly as she correctly made a prediction that Angelina would have a baby girl and a baby boy. Spooky!

Denise Richards

Denise admitted to going to psychic readings for advice in 2009, to try to contact her mom. She says she desperately wants to believe her mom is still here with her. Denise famously also uses psychic animal communicators to speak to her pets too – she couldn’t understand why one kept urinating in the house!

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