Best Venues To Get Married In London 2013

London is a very beautiful place, with tons of places to get married, making it difficult to decide where to have your special day. Bear in mind that London is approximately 15 percent more expensive than other areas in the UK. If this does not phase you and London is your dream place, then read on to discover some of the best venues available to you.

The Absolut ice bar

This is definitely in Londons top ten venues to get married. This bar is made of ice collected from sweden, the temperature is minus 5 degrees and restaurant dining is in 0 degrees. Usually, even the glass you drink from is made of pure ice! This is a luxury and very unique place to get married in London. The bride and groom, and the guests are all provided with a thermal cape to keep you warm for your 40 minute slot.

The London eye

Another unique wedding venue in London. Each capsule has room for the bride and groom, plus the registrar and 20 guests. The capsule will be beautifully decorated with flowers and the registrar will pronounce you wed right at the top of the eye. On the decent back down there is a champagne toast. This is a lovely original idea for a couple who want to go against the norm!

Chelsea register office

Top celebritys have married in this registry office, with the trend being set by Judy Garland. This is the busiest registry office in London doing over 200 weddings a year. You may think a registry office cannot be luxurious but this one most certainly is! The marriage ceremony is a great price leaving you with more cash for the reception!

The dorchester hotel

This venue is a little more expensive that the previous. You can have up to 1000 guests if you are to be married here, or as little as 5 if you are having a more intimate ceremony. There are a choice of 5 dining rooms, including the ball room and the crystal room. This is truly an exquisite place to get married! Take a look at the Dorchester hotel on

The hms belfast

This restored ship is another beautiful place to get married. It is permanently moored opposite the tower of London. This ship is the last surviving warship of the royal navys fleet from the world war, launched in 1938. This makes it a perfect venue for anyone interested in the war, ships, history or all three! This venue is very reasonably priced, especially for London! Take a look.

The houses of parliament

There are only two rooms here which have been licensed to perform marriage ceremonies. There are some instances in which the beautiful underground chapel of st mary can be used, very luxurious!

These are just a small handful of great places to get married in London, and all of them unique. If you’re looking for something a little different the Gherkin is one of the more unusual wedding venues in London. If you would prefer a more traditional but still beautiful venue there are places such as; Somerset house, Chiswick house, Leez priory, Wasing park, The Bingham and so many more!

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