5 Different Jobs you can Land in the Insurance Industry

The insurance industry is forever growing and because of that it can be one of the best places to work. People continue to fall ill, cars break down, luggage gets lost, and so the insurance industry is always needed.

If you want a job in the insurance industry, your job will be to assist people and companies with the different types of policies. It will be your duty to advise people on the type of insurance they need, and at what level they need it.

In a normal working week, you can expect to work 40-60 hours in the insurance industry. There are many jobs you can apply for such as customer service rep, actuary, asset manager, underwriter or even a sales rep.

Skills Required

There are some important skills required if you want to land a job in the insurance industry. Communication skills are very important, as you will be talking to customers daily about different types of insurance, costs, advising them and so on and so forth. Communication skills of course come hand in hand with people skills. You could get some very irate people on the phone at some point if anything has gone awry and they don’t believe the company is protecting them as they should, so good people skills are a must.

Being skilled in sales is important as you’ll get enquiries every day, in other words, chances to sell your policies. The more you can sell the more benefits could come your way!

Analysis skills are good, as is being able to take initiative. Plus a bit of creativity never hurt anyone!

If you posses the majority of these skills you could well be in with a chance of landing insurance jobs

Job And Duties

  • Actuary – If you become an actuary your role will be to assess the risk of insuring a certain person. This is where those analysis skills will come in handy!
  • Agents and brokers – If an accident happens such as an injury or a fire, agents and brokers help to sell and decide on different insurance policies.
  • Claims Adjuster – This is the person who deals with things once there has been an injury, accident or loss and makes an official agreement or arranges a settlement with the client.
  • Service Rep – In this job you would be responsible for deciding the company agent a client should be allocated to.
  • Loss Control Specialist – A loss control specialists job is basically to assess a company, inspect the potential hazards and decide on the action that will be taken to fix them. A loss control specialists goal is to keep everybody safe and eliminate all hazards.


Salary will of course depend on how experienced you are, the company you work for and your role within it. The average salaries for the jobs listed are as follows:

  • Actuary – £34,000 – £68,000
  • Agent Or Broker – £25,000 – £62,000
  • Claims Adjuster – £27,000 – £45,000
  • Service Rep – £17,000 – £21,000
  • Loss Control Specialist – £43,000 – £100,000

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