104 year old gardening guru (who tweets…)

imageGardener, Ralph Hoare has recently started sharing his passion with the people on twitter aged 104. It took awhile for Ralph to embrace the internet, but at long last he has.

Ralph uses his iPad to reply to his tweets and is always bombarded with questions! He has been the go to guy for friends and family for years, they know that Ralph has the answers to their questions.

Ralph, who is a former bank worker and RAF veteran, say’s he gardens as it gives him something to look forward to. He says that since his wife Dorothy died in 2007, remembering that the roses will be along soon gives him the strength to carry on.

Although Ralph is the owner of an ipad and is a dab hand at tweeting, he say’s he is not into computers. The only other things he uses his ipad for are emailing and betting on horses.

Ralph believes that getting more people into gardening may help them live past 100 like him, and this is one of the reasons he enjoys giving people advice.

When 63 year old famous gardener Alan Titchmarsh heard the news he was quoted, “It just goes to show how good gardening is for you. I am now looking forward to another 40 years”.

If you would like to tweet Ralph, you can drop him a line at @officalfv or you can email him at askralph@furniturevillage.co.uk.

If, like Ralph and Alan you would like to have a go at gardening, read on.

There are two important things to keep in mind when planning your garden: How am I going to use this space (entertaining, growing food)? What do I envision my garden looking like?

The amount of sun exposure and amount of water your garden gets will play a big part in what plants you are able to grow. So the first thing you should do is select a good spot. Getting your soil tested to find out what type it is, is also a good step in ensuring you manage to grow some lovely plants. This will allow you to purchase anything your particular soil may need. Just like the saying “feed the soil and the plants look after themselves.”

Selecting plants to grow is a hard task and you must remember that vegetable gardening and flower gardening are quite different. What this decision should come down to is how much time you have to look after your plants.

Choosing a theme for your garden is a nice idea, such as colour of plants or style of plants. The majority of gardens are a mix of plants, perennials, trees and shrubs. There are people who adhere to certain gardening “rules” like planting in odd numbers. SelectFurnishings.co.uk have lots of products and ideas for layouts and schemes for your garden furniture. However, there is nobody that is going to tell you off for not following them so do what you like with your garden!

There are loads of tools designed to help make gardening more enjoyable and a lot easier so doing some research into the tools suitable for you should benefit you greatly.

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