Improve your mornings and invest in a great bathroom routine

Have you ever met someone who is great in the morning? These people seem to be a figment of your imagination.

 It is easy to see why people are not great in the morning, from the first sound of the alarm, to the second you leave the house, and everything that goes in between. A hectic morning can increase your stress levels and does not give you a good platform for the rest of the day.


 There is one part of the morning you can improve on, and that is the washing and grooming part. Do you spend too much time preparing yourself for the day ahead? Or, is it the case of not being able to find what you need quickly and without fuss?

 Ensuring that the washing and grooming part is ruthlessly efficient, whilst also being a space in which you can distress and unwind, is a difficult balance. It is, however, very achievable. Get it right and your morning routine will improve to the benefit of everyone.

 Here is how you can make your bathroom a better place for you in the morning:

 Combat clutter

First and foremost, spend some time in your bathroom and organise the clutter. Get rid of anything excessive, or items that you simply do not use anymore. Maybe you still have the bathing gift set from Christmas… two years ago… Ask yourself, do you really need this and are you going to use this now or in the future?

 Of course, certain items like toothbrush, mouthwash, shower gel, shampoo and/or conditioner and your favourite fluffy towels are going to be the mainstay. You need these. You will use them every day.

 However, do you need makeup or other grooming products in the bathroom? Is this creating unnecessary clutter? Could these be kept elsewhere in the house?

 There is nothing worse in the morning that not being able to find what you are looking for, so make sure everything has a home. Your grooming products around the wash basin will not help you. Invest in some storage, organise them and put them away. It is no surprise that this clutter can cause you stress, stress that you may not be aware of.

 Routine is everything

If you currently have a bath in the morning, before you head to work or deal with the school run, then try swapping this for a shower. It takes far less time, and can actually refresh you as opposed to relax you. If you do not have a shower in your bathroom, you should consider investing in one. The time taken to have a shower, compared to having a bath, you can save so much time and stress in the morning.

 Your routine does not just include the washing and grooming element. It also includes breakfast. Decide whether you eat before you wash and groom, or after. Also consider having a healthy breakfast, made up of fruits and cereals. These are quick and easy, and the fruit could be prepped the evening before.

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