How Hazardous Is Your Job? The UKs Most Dangerous Occupations

Most of us would take any job on offer if we were out of work for some time. A paying job is something we all need, but there are times when we may have to take on a job we don’t want. It may be that we don’t like the hours, or we don’t like the people we work with. Sometimes the work itself is so dangerous we start to question whether we should be doing it at all.

Dangerous jobs come in all shapes and sizes. Construction work is thought to be the most dangerous. There are more reported fatalities in this industry than any other. However, agricultural work is statistically more likely to result in injury or death. It’s easy to understand why these two industries are considered dangerous. But there are many everyday jobs out there that can be just as bad.

Cleaners are often hired on a part-time basis and paid minimum wage. There is little training or need for education. It’s an active job, so it keeps you pretty fit too. The danger in the job stems from the frequency of contact with chemicals. Chemicals are used to mop floors and clean toilets. To save costs, these chemicals are purchased in bulk and are sometimes not effectively labelled. Chemical burns from mishandling can be life changing. Injury claims from chemical accidents are on the increase. People understand their rights to compensation. If you are in the cleaning business, wear the right protective clothing when handling chemicals.


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Most of us drive to and from work every day and hate every second of the commute. It raises our blood pressure and causes stress. For those who drive for their jobs, the dangers of an automobile accident dramatically increase. The longer you are in a vehicle, the greater the chance is of being involved in an accident. Add the stress and rise in blood pressure to the mix, and driving can be considered one of the least healthy occupations. For those who fail to get enough sleep before they get behind the wheel, life could change dramatically in just the blink of an eye. Sleep deprivation is thought to be a leading factor in many road traffic accidents.

Sedentary office work is also considered to be unhealthy, but it isn’t necessarily dangerous. For real danger, you can’t beat the job of a firefighter. Training and practice takes place every day to keep a firefighter as ready and as safe in their job as possible. The purpose of this is to help the firefighter work efficiently to a set procedure during dangerous call-outs. This goes a very long way to keeping everybody involved as safe as they can be.

It’s possible more training would help reduce the occurrence of workplace accidents. Human error does account for so much of it. If you feel you’re not safe in your work, it is your responsibility to let your boss know. As an employer, your boss is also responsible for making sure you have everything you need to stay healthy at work. Stay safe.

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