Fantastic Tips to Make YouThe World’s Best Boss

It’s important to be a good boss in every way you can. And it’s also important that your staff like and respect you as their boss. David Brent might have been misguided, but he did have the best of intentions. It’s important for people to like you because then they’ll want to work for you. It can help improve morale and increase productivity. You need to make sure you’re the best boss you can be. And the best way to do that is to put the needs and interests of the company and staff before your own.

 Now, you might be thinking about the ways you can do this. And you should be because there are plenty. But, many of them might be things that don’t necessarily occur to you. So this guide will help give you ideas of the sorts of techniques and tips that will help make you Mr or Mrs Popular. By making use of these you will make yourself a better boss and you’ll improve the business as a result.

 Don’t Micromanage

 One thing you need to make sure you don’t do is to micromanage. From an outside viewpoint, it might seem like this is a good idea. But in reality it can be counterintuitive, and it can be damaging for morale. Staff don’t want to feel like you don’t trust them and that you’re always monitoring them. This can bring the morale in the office down and can lead to confrontation and a negative atmosphere. Instead, you need to show your staff that you trust them. Leave them to their own devices. Of course, you need to make sure work’s still getting done. But, make them responsible for themselves. They’ll be thankful for it.

 Offer Incentives

A great idea to improve your standing among your staff would be to provide incentives for good performance. This should be separate from a company bonus. It should be more personal, and geared specifically towards staff. They will help to motivate staff and boost morale. So, for instance, you might offer theatre tickets or bottles of wine. Or maybe even day trips to interesting places. These incentives should be catered to the diverse staff pool you have.


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 Allow Working From Home

 A lot of bosses don’t like to allow working from home. It could be that they feel like not as much work will get done if staff are working from home. And this is an understandable concern to have. But the problem with this approach is it can prove counterproductive. Suppose some of your staff live a long way from the office and have to commute. Now imagine the weather is bad, and we get heavy snowfall. A lot of them might get snowed in and be unable to make it into work. Or they may be able to get in but they might be late due to the traffic on the roads. This means you’re losing time in the work day where things aren’t getting done. But if you allow staff to work from home you cut out this issue. Rather than having to struggle to get to work they can work from home. This way they can be productive and punctual.

Take an Interest in Employees Problems

 A vital part of being a boss is treating your staff like human beings rather than just statistics. People like to feel valued and appreciated. And as their manager you need to let your employees know you’re there for them. They should feel like they can come to you with anything. If you’re aware of any personal problem affecting employees, offer a friendly ear. You could consider enrolling them in some sort of employee assistance intermediary services programme. This shows them that you care about their problems and that you value them as people. They will appreciate the effort. And it provides staff with an avenue to deal with their problems, so they’re less likely to quit or take time off work.

 Make the Office More Comfortable

 If you want to earn bonus points from your staff, you should spend a bit of time making sure the office is comfortable. Remember that you and the staff have to spend the majority of your time each day in the office. As such, it’s important to make this an enjoyable time. You’ve got to make the office appealing and comfortable. This means you need to install air conditioning so you can cool the place down in the summer. You need to put in comfortable furniture in the staff room. Also have a look at the desk situation. Are all the desks at the right sort of height? What are the chairs like? Do you need to change them for more comfy alternatives? Remember, comfortable staff are productive staff.

 Treat People With Respect

 Something that’s often overlooked in the business world is respect. Not enough people respect one another, and it can be detrimental to a company. You want your staff to respect you as the boss. But at the same time, you need to respect them. Make sure you go out of your way to be friendly and polite with your employees. Obviously, you might need to be a little stricter when appropriate. But you should always try to remain respectful. This will earn the respect of your employees.

 Focus on Team Building

 A principal focus of your business approach as the boss should be team building. Studies have shown this is the most productive way to build a strong team bond. You’ve got to get your staff interacting with one another. And this is just as important to do outside of the workplace. Try to arrange outings, trips and meals together as a company. Encourage staff to socialise together outside of the business. This helps to strengthen bonds of friendship and improves the team ethic. Your staff will bring this positivity into the workplace, and it will help the business to develop.

 If you’ve read all these points, it’s now time to implement them. These are the key components on your journey towards becoming the world’s best boss. As a result of these methods, you’ll find your stock rises among the workforce. People will be happy to come and work for you, and staff morale will be on the rise. If you dedicate your time to being the best boss you can, you’ll improve the company at the same time.


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