5 Unusual Quirky Gadgets For Music Lovers

Everyone loves gadgets. Whether they are smartphones, games consoles or even computerised watches, we all own them or want to buy them some day. This is certainly the case for music lovers too – check out these 5 unusual and quirky gadgets!

iRock rocking chair

Image by iRock

As you probably know, rocking chairs are quite comfortable chairs to sit and chill in. You might not have considered a rocking chair to be a gadget for music lovers, but wait until you read about the iRock!

Basically, the iRock rocking chair is a hand-built product made from pinewood that is yet to be in full-scale production, but essentially anyone that sits in the iRock with an iPad or iPhone will be able to charge their device whilst rocking their chair. A full hour’s worth of rocking will apparently recharge an iPad to about 35% capacity.

It also features two 25w speakers located at the top of the chair (at either end), and will be available in five different colours.

Sound Asleep Music Pillow

Image by Sound Asleep

Do you need to listen to some music to help you get to sleep? If so, then you need to get yourself a Sound Asleep music pillow! Available for both adults and children, this pillow is unique in that it has a built-in speaker that you connect your MP3, CD or tape player (yes, some people still use cassette tapes for music).

This pillow is made in the UK and contains a luxurious hollow fibre filling, ensuring that the speaker is undetectable to anyone using the pillow and of course, offers a totally relaxing sleeping experience.

Crosley Spinnerette Record Player

Image by Crosley

If you are one of the many people that refuse to give up the authentic sounds coming offered by a vinyl record, then you need to get a Crosley Spinnerette record player.

Designed with a retro 1950s ‘live jazz music in London‘ style in mind, the Spinnerette is built with the latest turntable technology. It features a USB connection, which lets you hook it up to a PC or Mac, and is portable enough to take with you wherever you go.

Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus Speakers

Image by rgproduct

Recognised as a design classic, the Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus speakers are some of the most technologically advanced and innovative speakers you are likely to ever come across.

The result of five years of research and development, the Nautilus is recognised worldwide as an outstanding loudspeaker that continues to shape the direction of the audio industry to this day. The tapered tubes that house the tweeters help to absorb sound waves, and the tweeters themselves are made from aluminium – a material that helps it to be lightweight and yet rigid at the same time.

Bose SoundLink Air Digital Music System

Image by Bose

One for the Apple fans, the Bose SoundLink Air Digital Music System uses Apple AirPlay technology to stream music from your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or any computer running iTunes.

Its attractive and compact design means that you can use it anywhere, and it can work in conjunction with other SoundLink systems too.

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