Kitchen Gadgets To help You lose Weight

The battle to fight the bulge may feel like it should take place in the gym, but the first place you should look to losing weight is your own kitchen. you could start off by planning meals or counting calories, but these days there are many wonderful gadgets that can help you in your food planning.

  1. Measuring spoon set: Every self respecting cook and chef will have a set of these in their top drawer, but these little guys only ever come out for baking. Use them to measure out portions of sugar to help you control the amount of calories. Sugar can be 8 calories per half teaspoon, a few of those in your tea or coffee every day soon adds up.

  2. Digital Kitchen Scale: Digital scales are far more accurate and leave less room for error, you can effectively cut your portions down to the right calorie amount, make sure you know what your portions equal, such as a small 6ox potato will have 130 calorie whereas a medium 7.5 oz potato has 30 more calories. Weighing may seem a tad obsessive, but it helps prevent the unwanted calories from creeping in. Plus you’ll make your food last longer which saves you money in the long run: here are some helpful recipes for breakfast.

  3. Vegetable Peeler: Get creative with your peeler and use to make thin, melt in the mouth slices of cheese that are only 10 calories a piece! enjoy the taste of chocolate without the guilt by simply slicing come lovely thin flakes on your desert. You can also make ribbons out of eggplant or zucchini and serve it like pasta, it’s just as tasty but half the calorie count.

  4. Measure your containers: Rather than gluing yourself to the kitchen scales (and the bathroom scales at that) take the time to figure out what portions fit into your kitchen ustensils, when you know how many calories are in a ladle full of soup, you can measure out perfectly controlled portions every time.

  5. Measuring Jug: a good pyrex jug means you can melt and and warm certain food items in specific measurements, such as salad dressing, you won’t risk overdosing on portion sizes.

  6. Collapsible Veg Steamer: You can cook fresh veg quickly and easily over a pan of boiling water with a vegetable steamer, this way you can lock in the fresh vitamins and won’t lose any of the fresh natural goodness. Steamers can also be used to steam tofu and steam delicate treats like dumplings. This steamer could also double as a sieve as well.

  7. Parchment paper:  The french favour wrapping fish fillets in parchment paper like little parcels and cooking them in the oven. The fish will cook in its own steam, so therefore not needing any fats, this also works for chicken and will lock in the rich flavours. You can do a whole easy meal this way by steaming a packet of vegetables. Add a little seasoning to really make the flavours stand out.

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