5 Cool Gadgets Perfect for Wedding Gifts

Many couples that are getting married, make use of the gift list that can be found in many high street stores. Having used this for a friends wedding, it was so simple to input their unique code and be presented with a list of gifts that they had chosen. Then I Just had to buy them either in store or online, and the item was removed so that no duplicates were received. A website like WhatIdLove does this type of thing brilliantly.

But what if the couple do not do this, what sort of gift can you buy that is going to be different so that they don’t end up with the same thing several times over? Here we are going to look at few gadgets that you could choose to buy, some are more mainstream with a couple that may be a little different.


1. Digital Photo Frame

Choosing this type of gift is something that they can use and value every single day. If you wanted to make it a bit more unique you could even pre-set some photos of the couple over the years that they have been together. Another option is to provide them with a memory card with pictures you have taken on the actual wedding day.

The photo frames can come in a variety of sizes and styles, you can always get it engraved, if you can, with the wedding date and the couples name.


2. Coffee Machine

A handy kitchen gadget that can ensure that the couple can have a nice cup of coffee in the mornings. There are various types of coffee makers available, but the best has to be the one-cup machines. This is ideal if the couple like different coffees; not only that but they can also provide hot chocolate and cold drinks too.

For a really great coffee machine you could choose on that has a timer; this can then be set to brew and have ready a hot cup of coffee at the time they get out of bed, or get home from work.


3. Wine Chiller

For those romantic nights in that the newlyweds are going to have, and probably to drink the many bottles they may receive as gifts, the wine chiller is a good option. Many of the wine chillers have different options for quick chill, or even able to ensure that a bottle of red is at room temperature.

They work by filling the bottom with ice, and adding water into a reservoir; the water is cooled by the ice which then spins around the bottle chilling it to the ideal temperature for you.


4. LED Candles

A novel gift, but one that can add some romance to a living room or a bedroom for the couple. There are some LED candles that actually look like wax and the pretend flame almost looks real too. They can create the same glow and flickering movement that a real candle does.


5. Scribble Writing Alarm Clock

I have not seen anything like this before and quite tempted to get it myself. You know you have those nights when you go to bed and all of a sudden its the time you remember stuff. This great gadget has a scribble pad above the clock, to which you can write these things down. They are then there for you the next morning so you don’t forget.

This is great for leaving messages for a partner, like don’t forget to feed the cat, or that they have a doctors appointment. The clock is also handy, and has an alarm built in too.

Ryan Thomas writes about wedding planning on behalf of Selini, who specialise in jewellery and engagement rings.

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