The Pros And Cons Of eReaders Over Traditional Paperback Books



Over the last three years, eReaders have become incredibly popular all over the world. Indeed, within the last twelve months, it has been announced that online sales of eBooks have taken over from the paperback market, which means a seriously large amount of people have invested in these devices. But are they are good? Personally, I quite like them, yet today we’re going to take a quick look at some of the pros and cons in the hope of settling the debate once and for all and determining whether or not the eReader will ever replace traditional paperbacks completely.


I actually wrote a book myself last year and published it using a popular print-on-demand service. However, while I did attract a few hundred initial sales, it wasn’t until I made it available for eReaders and tablets that I hit the big time. This told me the ebook market was far larger than I even imagined, and while my book did have an amazing cover, I think it would have sold just as well regardless. With that in mind, here are some of the pros and cons of eReaders.

The Pros Of eReaders:

  • Lightweight – You can fit hundreds of books on most eReaders, and so this is an obvious advantage when it comes to weight. In the past, when you went abroad on holiday, you had no choice but to pick out a single book for your suitcase. Now you can take tons in your hand luggage.

  • More Choice – While you can obviously purchase most ebooks in physical form, you might have to look in lots of different shops in many varying locations to achieve this. However, when you plan to buy ebooks you can get almost everything you could ever want in the same place.

  • Simplicity & Convenience – Anyone who wants to buy an eook can do so at the click of a button and have their product instantly. Even if you order paperbacks online, you’ll still have to wait a couple of days for delivery at the least.

The Cons Of eReaders:

  • Breakable – They’re obviously not the most flimsy devices in the world, but if you drop your eReader in the bath, it probably won’t work again. I consider this to be a con because there’s very little you can do to harm paperbacks by accident.

  • Needs Electricity – You don’t need to keep them plugged into the mains at all times, but if you were to find yourself stranded on a desert island, an eReader probably wouldn’t last you very long.

  • Not Perfected – When you buy a paperback, you pretty much know what you’re getting right? They haven’t changed for years. However, eReaders are constantly evolving, and so what you own now, might be dated and obsolete in a few years time.

As you can probably see from the information I’ve just presented, there are many plus points for eReaders, and so I wholeheartedly believe we should stick with them. I just wouldn’t go buying top of the range models at the moment, as changes and updates are occurring too frequently to make this worthwhile.

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