Technology In the Bedroom – Are You Lacking Sleep?

Technology In the Bedroom – Are You Lacking Sleep? Are you finding that you are more tired in the mornings, you have probably blamed it on eating too late or being stressed with work; but could this actually be down to technology? There are now many studies into lack of sleep and the activities we may do before we try to go to sleep, with many showing that the impact can affect anyone, especially our children. From my own experience, I know that if my phone goes off in the night, it will wake me and I just have to check that email, and if it is something important, nine times out of ten its just spam, then it may keep me awake wondering about it, or I will just get up and reply to it. When in fact there was no need it could have waited till morning. TV & Games Many people like to

Be Wary When Ordering Concert Tickets Online (A Few Things To Look Out For…)

Be Wary When Ordering Concert Tickets Online (A Few Things To Look Out For…) It’s a shame to think about the many people that have been, or will be scammed due to little knowledge about the right place to buy concert tickets. Just because something may look legit, doesn't mean it is. That goes for the ticket website and the actual ticket. Everybody must remain vigilant when purchasing concert tickets! After all, they ain't cheap. The most sensible places to buy when buying a ticket is a genuine site like, the promoter, the actual artist, or the venue. It is a lot less sensible to buy your ticket from a broker, a scalper or even online classified adverts. If you do take the risk and buy your ticket from somewhere other than the source, there are things you can do to test the authenticity of it. If the

What is 3D Printing?

What is 3D Printing? Your probably thinking. How the hell can a printer print in 3d? Well, its quite difficult to understand at first unless you have used one before however, in its simplest terms 3D printers create 3 dimensional objects or prints by creating layers. They print each section layer by layer until the 3 dimensional object is complete. How Does it Work In order to print in 3D you need to create your object first using computer aided design otherwise known as CAD. Sorry, Photoshop won't do I'm afraid and unless your familiar with CAD then this might be alien to you. 3D printers understand digital CAD files and work from these kind of files only to create your 3D object. Once you have your CAD file then your ready to print. 3D printing is also

5 Useful and Beautiful iPhone 5 Covers

5 Useful and Beautiful iPhone 5 Covers The Apple iPhone 5 is one of if not the most successful smart touch screen phone to date. Demand for iPhone mobile covers is huge and there are hundreds of stores online like Mobile Madhouse where you are able to pick up a stylish mobile phone cover to suit your needs. Here are 5 of the Best iPhone 5 Covers available in 2013 Pantone Universe Bookcase This is a great stylish and very practical mobile phone cover for your iPhone 5. The Pantone Universe Bookcase has a leather style and a bookcase inspired designed which makes it perfect for watching videos on YouTube, Facebook and viewing other media such as images. Whilst most of the flip out iPhone covers work in the standard landscape mode this one works perfectly in both portrait and

The Bed Thats Makes itself: A Lazy Guys Dream

The Bed Thats Makes itself: A Lazy Guys Dream Ok, so waking up after a brilliant nights sleep and then having to make your bed ready for the next night is not a problem or a chore that really annoys many people however, for the extremely lazy people out their (like me) then this smart bed with amazing integrated technology is a must for us. For the lazy ones out there, waking up and making your bed can be a chore you can do without, especially if your one for lying in to the very final hour before getting up and going to work. Faffing about with the bedding and getting the covers on just right can be a pain not to mention taking up too much time. Spanish company Ohea has unveiled a new rather interesting Smart Bed which is going to take the pain away from the lazy ones out there.