5 Different Jobs you can Land in the Insurance Industry

5 Different Jobs you can Land in the Insurance Industry The insurance industry is forever growing and because of that it can be one of the best places to work. People continue to fall ill, cars break down, luggage gets lost, and so the insurance industry is always needed. If you want a job in the insurance industry, your job will be to assist people and companies with the different types of policies. It will be your duty to advise people on the type of insurance they need, and at what level they need it. In a normal working week, you can expect to work 40-60 hours in the insurance industry. There are many jobs you can apply for such as customer service rep, actuary, asset manager, underwriter or even a sales rep. Skills Required There are some important skills required if you want to land a

Amazons Futuristic Warehouse: A Closer Look

Amazons Futuristic Warehouse: A Closer Look Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer. It has websites in about 10 different countries around the world, with more on the way. Originally started off as an online bookstore, the company diversified and now sells a whole range of different products and services. They also produce their own range of tablet computers, and are also a major provider of cloud computing services – with popular websites like Twitter using their storage facilities. Setting the scene In the UK, they have a massive order fulfilment facility in Rugeley, Staffordshire. About the size of nine full-sized football pitches, it is a bit of an out-of-place warehouse in some ways; situated off the A51, the imposing bright blue and white warehouse is slap bang

Will Gardeners Spend More Now The “Spring Chill” Is Over?

Will Gardeners Spend More Now The “Spring Chill” Is Over?   Gardening Spend Went Down During The UK Spring Chill... According to BBC news, garden shopping went right down during those cold months. We had snow, cold weather and rain going right into late march. In fact, March 2013 was the second coldest March on record in the UK. Because of this, Gardeners have been staying inside and have not been investing in garden furniture as much. Which is understandable really. Who really wants to be gardening in the snow? The early spring time is usually an ideal time for gardeners to get out in the garden again after winter and start digging and planting in preparation for summertime. It's also a great time to go out and get some new chairs and tables such as Rattan garden furniture (luxury stuff!)

104 year old gardening guru (who tweets…)

104 year old gardening guru (who tweets…) Gardener, Ralph Hoare has recently started sharing his passion with the people on twitter aged 104. It took awhile for Ralph to embrace the internet, but at long last he has. Ralph uses his iPad to reply to his tweets and is always bombarded with questions! He has been the go to guy for friends and family for years, they know that Ralph has the answers to their questions. Ralph, who is a former bank worker and RAF veteran, say’s he gardens as it gives him something to look forward to. He says that since his wife Dorothy died in 2007, remembering that the roses will be along soon gives him the strength to carry on. Although Ralph is the owner of an ipad and is a dab hand at tweeting, he say’s he is not into computers. The only other

Best Venues To Get Married In London 2013

Best Venues To Get Married In London 2013 London is a very beautiful place, with tons of places to get married, making it difficult to decide where to have your special day. Bear in mind that London is approximately 15 percent more expensive than other areas in the UK. If this does not phase you and London is your dream place, then read on to discover some of the best venues available to you. The Absolut ice bar This is definitely in Londons top ten venues to get married. This bar is made of ice collected from sweden, the temperature is minus 5 degrees and restaurant dining is in 0 degrees. Usually, even the glass you drink from is made of pure ice! This is a luxury and very unique place to get married in London. The bride and groom, and the guests are all provided with a thermal