Things Steve Jobs Can Teach Us About Hiring Happy Workers

Things Steve Jobs Can Teach Us About Hiring Happy Workers According to the data, employee absences a cost the UK £11 billion a year. When you do the math, that works out as about £600 per employee. Thus, problem employees are a big problem for businesses and HR departments. So what can Steve Jobs teach businesses about hiring happy people? Jobs Built A Culture Of Respect Apple was successful because of its culture of managers working closely with engineers. In fact, in many ways, it was the engineers who actually ran the show. The managers were just there to make sure the business operation ran smoothly. And the managers that Apple did have were previously engineers. This generated a deep level of understanding between both the managers and the workers in the company. It was a culture of mutual

75% Want Tougher Drink Driving Laws

75% Want Tougher Drink Driving Laws Drink driving is one of the biggest problems in the world when it comes to our roads. Despite the law being commonly understood by all, it is regularly abused. Thousands die on our roads every year as a result of drink driving. Whether it’s at the hands of their own intoxication or a result of others. When you get behind the wheel after a drink, your life (and those of others) are in your hands. Driving is dangerous at the best of times, even more so after a drink. As a result, there are strict laws in place around the world. Some are stricter than others. For example, Scotland voted unanimously to reduce the drink driving limit this month. The UK as a whole has the highest limit in Europe. It is joint with Malta with a limit of 80mg of alcohol

News Analysis: Demand For British Cars Drops Overseas

News Analysis: Demand For British Cars Drops Overseas There are early signs that the British automotive manufacturing industry may be starting to suffer as a result of falling demand overseas. Over the first 10 months of this year the industry has notably suffered, with global economic uncertainty being the most apparent reason. According to official number from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, production is down 0.3% on the same period the year before. The figures get grimmer still when you consider that the number of cars built domestically but intended for export are down 1.4%. Global economic difficulties are seemingly to blame for this downturn, which can certainly be a plus side for our industry. It at least means that the competition is suffering from the same poor conditions

Why The Self-Employed Should Not Get Company Cars

Why The Self-Employed Should Not Get Company Cars There are literally hundreds of thousands of self-employed people in Britain. Apart from anything else, this shows that we are a nation of people that has an entrepreneurial spirit within us all! For many people, being self-employed is the best way to earn a living, because it means that we have the freedom to work for anyone of our choosing, and it eradicates the monotony that you would have otherwise got by doing the same job for the same company at the same location on a daily basis!   Image via Flickr Virtually all self-employed people need a vehicle to visit clients and suppliers on a regular basis, with most of those people requiring a car rather than a commercial vehicle such as a van or pickup truck. One question that

The Latest Pop Stars to Dive into the World of Psychic Readings

The Latest Pop Stars to Dive into the World of Psychic Readings It’s not just us seemingly “normal” folk who feel the need to visit psychics from time to time for a bit of helpful guidance. Plenty of celebrities know that speaking to a genuine, professional psychic for an accurate reading can help them gain perspective and see things in a new light, as well as point them in the right direction. Here are the latest pop stars to dive into the spiritual and mystic world of psychic readings: image source (flickr) Rihanna Rih-Rih is probably the most recent star to have visited psychics and buddhist fortune tellers after becoming terrified that she’s going to lose her fame. The star is said to have become incredibly paranoid (perhaps it’s all that Cannabis she’s smoking?) and superstitious,