Technology In the Bedroom – Are You Lacking Sleep?

Technology In the Bedroom – Are You Lacking Sleep? Are you finding that you are more tired in the mornings, you have probably blamed it on eating too late or being stressed with work; but could this actually be down to technology? There are now many studies into lack of sleep and the activities we may do before we try to go to sleep, with many showing that the impact can affect anyone, especially our children. From my own experience, I know that if my phone goes off in the night, it will wake me and I just have to check that email, and if it is something important, nine times out of ten its just spam, then it may keep me awake wondering about it, or I will just get up and reply to it. When in fact there was no need it could have waited till morning. TV & Games Many people like to

Best Venues To Get Married In London 2013

Best Venues To Get Married In London 2013 London is a very beautiful place, with tons of places to get married, making it difficult to decide where to have your special day. Bear in mind that London is approximately 15 percent more expensive than other areas in the UK. If this does not phase you and London is your dream place, then read on to discover some of the best venues available to you. The Absolut ice bar This is definitely in Londons top ten venues to get married. This bar is made of ice collected from sweden, the temperature is minus 5 degrees and restaurant dining is in 0 degrees. Usually, even the glass you drink from is made of pure ice! This is a luxury and very unique place to get married in London. The bride and groom, and the guests are all provided with a thermal

Shopper’s habits changing in light of horsemeat scandal

Shopper’s habits changing in light of horsemeat scandal A consumer group survey has shown that more than half of all UK consumers have changed their shopping habits. This comes after the nationwide horsemeat scandal. The survey completed by Which? states that of the 2000 adults who answered the online questions 60% have now changed their shopping habits. These people are now buying products with less processed meat in order to avoid possible horsemeat consumption. The survey has also suggested that the public’s trust in the food industry has greatly declined since the scandal first came to light. Processed beef products across Europe have shown traces of horsemeat. This has raised a number of questions regarding the food chain and the food industries control. The executive of Which? Richard

End to cheap alcohol sales vows David Cameron

End to cheap alcohol sales vows David Cameron MPs have been told by David Cameron that he will ‘deal with’ the sale of cheap alcohol in England and Wales. This statement come after the 45p per unit minimum alcohol pricing was planned to be thrown out. Calls from Tory MPs like Sarah Wollaston state that the PM should stay on course and that the plan will reduce early deaths and crime rates. Mr Cameron said that ‘20p cans of larger’ had to change and that the government was waiting for the results of a consultation. Labour leader Ed Miliband has attacked Mr Cameron over his U-turn asking MPs whether ‘there is anything he could organise in a brewery?’ In response to this Mr Cameron stated he would like to host a party in a brewery to celebrate Ed Balls’ continued presence