75% Want Tougher Drink Driving Laws

75% Want Tougher Drink Driving Laws Drink driving is one of the biggest problems in the world when it comes to our roads. Despite the law being commonly understood by all, it is regularly abused. Thousands die on our roads every year as a result of drink driving. Whether it’s at the hands of their own intoxication or a result of others. When you get behind the wheel after a drink, your life (and those of others) are in your hands. Driving is dangerous at the best of times, even more so after a drink. As a result, there are strict laws in place around the world. Some are stricter than others. For example, Scotland voted unanimously to reduce the drink driving limit this month. The UK as a whole has the highest limit in Europe. It is joint with Malta with a limit of 80mg of alcohol

Improve your mornings and invest in a great bathroom routine

Improve your mornings and invest in a great bathroom routine Have you ever met someone who is great in the morning? These people seem to be a figment of your imagination.  It is easy to see why people are not great in the morning, from the first sound of the alarm, to the second you leave the house, and everything that goes in between. A hectic morning can increase your stress levels and does not give you a good platform for the rest of the day.  There is one part of the morning you can improve on, and that is the washing and grooming part. Do you spend too much time preparing yourself for the day ahead? Or, is it the case of not being able to find what you need quickly and without fuss?  Ensuring that the washing and grooming part is ruthlessly efficient, whilst also being a space in which you

The Many Benefits Of Land Regeneration

The Many Benefits Of Land Regeneration It is a well-known fact that there is a shortage of housing in the UK. The economic downturn of recent years has had a pretty negative effect on the construction industry, with many new builds either cancelled or construction halted part way through the building process. Even neighbouring countries such as the Republic of Ireland haven’t escaped the effects of the construction boom going bust. Image Credit (Roger Kidd) Thankfully the British economy is going under something of a revival these days. The government has put measures in place for first-time buyers to be able to get on the property ladder, and such measures appear to have kickstarted the construction industry, which appears to be reflected by the fact that existing property

Is a Company Car Worth it Financially?

Is a Company Car Worth it Financially? At first glance a company can seem perfect - after all, what could be better than a car your company pays for rather than you? However, signing up for a company car is something that you should be taken care of and that you should give careful consideration to. Any financial decision like this is a big one, so it stands to reason that you should think about it properly and make sure it is the right one for you. Thankfully there are different ways that you can go and getting help advice about company cars, so being well informed isn’t a possibility! If you do decide that a company car is the right decision for you then you have the added decision of what type of car to get - which can be even more pressure! However don't let this stress

5 Unusual Quirky Gadgets For Music Lovers

5 Unusual Quirky Gadgets For Music Lovers Everyone loves gadgets. Whether they are smartphones, games consoles or even computerised watches, we all own them or want to buy them some day. This is certainly the case for music lovers too – check out these 5 unusual and quirky gadgets! iRock rocking chair Image by iRock As you probably know, rocking chairs are quite comfortable chairs to sit and chill in. You might not have considered a rocking chair to be a gadget for music lovers, but wait until you read about the iRock! Basically, the iRock rocking chair is a hand-built product made from pinewood that is yet to be in full-scale production, but essentially anyone that sits in the iRock with an iPad or iPhone will be able to charge their device whilst rocking their chair. A full