5 Super Cool Gadgets for Super Cool Geeks

5 Super Cool Gadgets for Super Cool Geeks Gadgets are all around us these days. It is not uncommon to walk into a household and find a TV that allows you to surf the web, a radio player that tunes in to digital radio stations rather than analogue, or a games console that lets you watch movies that are streamed over the Internet. Also you can walk into a company office and find super cool gadget all around you. But have you ever fancied going to the next level, and being the proud owner of some really awesome gadget that is not owned by anyone else you know? Well if you like the sound of that idea, then you best carry on reading this article to find out more about these 5 seriously super cool gadgets that we just have to tell you about! Parrot AR Drone 2.0 You might have heard

7 Sexy Furturistic Mobile Phones

7 Sexy Furturistic Mobile Phones We live a life of bits and bytes. Virtually everything we do is managed or assisted by technology in some way. When it comes to making phone calls, we don’t have to be in a fixed location thanks to mobile phone technology. These days, many people harness the power of smartphones and to some degree completely rely on them to manage our emails, social networking, and apps even help us to complete certain day to day tasks (or even play some games when we want to have some leisure time). And of course, they let us make and receive phone calls just like “normal” mobile phones. Mobile phone manufacturers often come up with innovative and striking mobile phone designs that wow us with their aesthetics whilst still being a mini computer for

5 Unusual Quirky Gadgets For Music Lovers

5 Unusual Quirky Gadgets For Music Lovers Everyone loves gadgets. Whether they are smartphones, games consoles or even computerised watches, we all own them or want to buy them some day. This is certainly the case for music lovers too – check out these 5 unusual and quirky gadgets! iRock rocking chair Image by iRock As you probably know, rocking chairs are quite comfortable chairs to sit and chill in. You might not have considered a rocking chair to be a gadget for music lovers, but wait until you read about the iRock! Basically, the iRock rocking chair is a hand-built product made from pinewood that is yet to be in full-scale production, but essentially anyone that sits in the iRock with an iPad or iPhone will be able to charge their device whilst rocking their chair. A full

Technology In the Bedroom – Are You Lacking Sleep?

Technology In the Bedroom – Are You Lacking Sleep? Are you finding that you are more tired in the mornings, you have probably blamed it on eating too late or being stressed with work; but could this actually be down to technology? There are now many studies into lack of sleep and the activities we may do before we try to go to sleep, with many showing that the impact can affect anyone, especially our children. From my own experience, I know that if my phone goes off in the night, it will wake me and I just have to check that email, and if it is something important, nine times out of ten its just spam, then it may keep me awake wondering about it, or I will just get up and reply to it. When in fact there was no need it could have waited till morning. TV & Games Many people like to

5 Gadgets to Help you Learn to Speak Another Language

5 Gadgets to Help you Learn to Speak Another Language If you want to learn to speak in another language, a good way to help with this task is by using a gadget! Not only is this a great way of learning languages like French, but it also makes learning a new language more fun too. Here are 5 cool gadgets that we think can help you out: Verbarius Clock You may have heard about painting by numbers, well now you can learn a language by numbers (sort of)! Basically, the Verbarius Clock tells you the time in words rather than numbers, so for example it would say “Eight past four PM” rather than “4:08 PM”. The beauty of this clock is that not only is it preloaded with English, German, Spanish, French and Russian languages, but there are also many more available too which can be uploaded