A Step-By-Step Guide To Building A Prototype For Your Product

A Step-By-Step Guide To Building A Prototype For Your Product Every great product came through a long and intricate prototype process. Whether it’s the iPhone, your GoPro, or a simple toothbrush, it all goes through rigorous rounds of testing. If you or your business is thinking about launching a product, you need to do the same. A prototype is essentially a mock product that you’ll use to test. You’ll test its materials, functionality, and usability, and then get feedback on the product. This all helps you craft the perfect design and functionality before launching. So, how do you create one of your own. And importantly, how do you do it while remaining financially stable? 1. Research - Before you even think about building the product or its prototype, you need to engage with the research. The

Making Your Home A Smart Home Is Cheaper Than You Think

Making Your Home A Smart Home Is Cheaper Than You Think If you mention the phrase “home automation” to people, some may conjure up images of the rich and famous paying huge sums of money for lighting and heating systems controlled by a room full of computer equipment which has been carefully and painstakingly configured by scores of computer programmers designing a system to the whims of a wealthy householder. Those same people will think that in order to invest in a home automation system in their homes, it would cost them about a lifetime’s worth of wages. But the truth is, these days home automation systems are much cheaper than you might care to think, and would certainly be in the grasp of many people. Oh, and you do not need a room in your house filled from the floor to the ceiling with

Kitchen Gadgets To help You lose Weight

Kitchen Gadgets To help You lose Weight The battle to fight the bulge may feel like it should take place in the gym, but the first place you should look to losing weight is your own kitchen. you could start off by planning meals or counting calories, but these days there are many wonderful gadgets that can help you in your food planning. Measuring spoon set: Every self respecting cook and chef will have a set of these in their top drawer, but these little guys only ever come out for baking. Use them to measure out portions of sugar to help you control the amount of calories. Sugar can be 8 calories per half teaspoon, a few of those in your tea or coffee every day soon adds up. Digital Kitchen Scale: Digital scales are far more accurate and leave less room for error,

Best Cordeless Home Phones Ever

Best Cordeless Home Phones Ever Compared to other gadgets around the home, we don’t really think much about the humble home phone. As you long as you can make and receive phone calls on it, it doesn’t need to really do much else, right? The thing is, there are many different brands and models of home phone on the market these days, and one of the most popular types of home phone are cordless phones. They were first offered to the general public back in 1994 (yes, that is over 19 years ago!) and one of the most important selling points of these phones is that you can take them anywhere within wireless signal range of the base or receiver. This marvellous invention is a bit like the introduction of the wireless remote control for televisions; we all use them, but no-one

10 Gadgets that only Ridiculously Rich People can Afford

10 Gadgets that only Ridiculously Rich People can Afford Everyone loves gadgets. We have gadgets in our homes, our offices and even our cars! Some might argue that gadgets like smartphones, tablet computers or even laptops like the Apple MacBook Pro laptop are expensive, but all those are still within most people’s reach, even if it means having to save up a while for them. Companies like Locogadgets offer a multitude of gadgets at really affordable prices for the average joe like me! But then there are some gadgets which are ridiculously expensive, and unless we won the lottery or somehow managed to live and work for the next 1,000 years then there is no way most people could ever afford them! Here are 10 examples of gadgets that only ridiculously rich people can afford. 10. £7,200 - Boardwalk