Make Your Workplace a Safe Place

The modern office can be full of perils and as such, you must ensure that no employees come to harm whilst at work. Potential hazards are not always obvious and can come in all shapes and sizes. Below are some of the most common problems that today’s office employees face.


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Poor Lighting

Check that all lighting fixtures are not only secure but that there is no exposed wiring. This goes for all electrical aspects of your environment. Beyond the immediate dangers, poor lighting can result in low visibility. This can not only increase the possibility of people tripping over things but also, it can give rise to headaches as a result of eye strain. Make sure the office is well lit and replace any faulty fittings as soon as they are identified.


Often while doing their daily jobs, people repeat the same actions over and over again. This can lead to such ailments as RSI, which stands for Repetitive Strain Injury. There are lots of great systems available to employers nowadays that can assess any physical strains put on people. It stands to reason that people who are comfortable and more productive as they can focus on the task at hand, not the niggling pain in their wrist.

Extreme Temperatures

This goes without saying. Maintain a consistent average temperature throughout the day. If it is too cold, your staff may over time become unwell and need to take time off work. Likewise, do not have the temperature too high. Someone fainting and injuring themselves could result in a call to their local accident claims solicitors. These kind of things can be avoided.

Manual Handling

Effective training should be given to all new staff, especially in the area of manual handling. The responsibility of keeping your staff out of harm’s way rests squarely on your shoulders.  Regularly refresh the employees’ knowledge of correct manual handling procedures. This will mean that they are using the correct methods to safely lift and move heavy objects. In reality, it would be better to use machinery for heavy lifting, though it is sometimes unavoidable.

Slips and Trips

If there is one thing that can be a common factor in office injuries, it is slipping on wet patches of recently cleaned floors. These kinds of accidents mainly occur in staff canteens or rest areas. This is likely to be people spilling drinks and not cleaning it up. If any spillages do occur, make sure that they are attended to right away. Always keep cleaning equipment in a separate area to the place where work is carried out. But also, keep it somewhere that is still convenient in case of emergency.


This can be one of the most deadly and fast moving office dangers. There are lots of flammable materials in most workspaces, and you must always be prepared for a fire. Regularly check that fire extinguishers are fully operational and that all exits are clear. Propping things against fire exit doors is dangerous and irresponsible. If you see this happening, explain the importance of unimpeded escape routes. Also, you should hold fire drills at intervals throughout the year.

Follow these basic suggestions and you should have a healthy office full of workers. They will be content with the knowledge they have someone looking out for their wellbeing. Take care!


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