How to Start Your Own Cleaning Business

Starting your own cleaning business can be somewhat of a risk, even though there’s always a need for cleaning. Customers often go with reliable, recommended companies that seem to have been around for years. One thing is for sure; cleanliness and hygiene plays a vital role in all safe working environments. It can make a huge difference, from how staff view their own company, to how customers view the business. Its not just the workplace which has a need for cleanliness though. Homeowners are often very proud of their homes and although they want to show it off to friends and family, time doesn’t always allow for them to clean it.


You could search the internet and look at your competitors websites. A good site to visit is Ideal Cleaning. They offer many different services but it gives you a chance to decide on what sector you would like to focus on. By reading reviews and seeing their regular clients, you can also determine on whether this is a stable business venture.

Getting Started

After getting a feel for the market, you can decide on if your business will target commercial or home customers. Both have their advantages but you need to consider which is likely to make you the most money.


Marketing and advertising are key to all businesses. Leaflets, adverts in your local papers and setting up adverts online are great ways to attract attention. Although it seems very modern, facebook and twitter are excellent ways to get people noticing you, especially if you offer introductory discounts. This is sure to get people talking and noticing your business.


Dependant on the demand of your business, you will need to consider recruiting staff. Its always useful to look for friendly and reliable faces and also to recruit within your local area. This is a great way to get you noticed and to boost the economy within the community.


Once recruited, it’s vital that staff are trained to a high standard to ensure your business maintains a reputable status. The worst scenario for your striving business would be to receive a phone call to notify you that one of your members of staff has arrived late or given minimal effort. This could be detrimental to the progress of your business and your well attained reputation.


To make the most profit, shopping around for your supplies and cleaning products is essential. Building strong connections and relationship can ensure that you will receive discounts when ordering larger quantities and regularly. This can save you massive amounts of money in the long term, which could also be used to invest elsewhere in the business.

As can be seen, starting your own cleaning business is certainly no walk in the park.  Given the right finances and correct management starting from the top, there is certainly money to be earned as cleaning will never be a thing of the past. I wish you every success with your business venture.

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