How to Set Up an Effective Point of Sale Display

If you’re reading this post, you want to know how you can set up an effective point of sale display. Assuming you don’t know what one is already, I’ll give you a quick description: It’s the area located around the checkout point of the shop, filled with goods such as chewing gum, sweets, chocolate, and magazines. Other items are sometimes found there too. A point of sale display is basically the evil invention that causes people to make impulse buys! We’ve all been there at some point; got everything we could possibly need from other areas of the shop, and then decided on a Galaxy bar and some sugar free Wrigley’s at the last minute because they were staring us in the face, basically whispering ‘buy me!’. Point of sale displays can be extremely effective, so all kinds of shop should have one. Read on to learn the best way to set yours up:



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Connect with the Customer

Running a successful retail business requires you to connect with the customer, so the same thing applies when it comes to point of sale displays. Create an emotional connection with members of the public, and you can convince people that this product you have on sale is perfect for them. Make products within reach for the customer too; otherwise it’s unlikely to result in a sale. Sometimes you see POS displays behind the counter, but this is no good as the customers can’t reach out and pick the items up themselves, resulting in fewer sales.


Use Space Intelligently

You need to plan out the details of your POS area, right up to how you’re going to use the space. The space around the POS area shouldn’t become cluttered as this can create an uncomfortable environment for customers and stop them from buying. There are plenty of different displays you can choose from though, depending on the kind of store you have and how much space you’ve got. Check out GPX Group to see what’s available to you.


Promote Your Products

You should take advantage of your POS display and advertise alongside the products you have for sale. You could promote store websites, online offers, and even upcoming events next to your products…you don’t just have to stick with products available in store.


Change up the Display

Everything needs to change every now and again, or things get boring; your hairstyle, your workout routine, your nail polish…you get the drift. Changing up your POS display will keep things interesting and exciting for your customers, and will catch their eye more easily. You should change it at least once every few months to keep things fresh and interesting.


Carefully Select Packaging

The packaging is the main thing that sells the product at the heart of your POS display. Sometimes you can purchase stock that comes with ready made POS packaging, so you don’t have to unpack or repack anything or even think about what packaging to use!

You’d be silly to own any kind of shop without having a POS display set up. Follow the above advice and see what one can do for you!

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