Cutting Out Waste in the Office Doesn’t Need to Be Difficult

All in all, the rise of the digital age has been mostly beneficial for businesses. The prominence of the internet, gadgets and their ilk have made profitability more accessible than ever. Just take a look around. More businesses than ever are not only starting up but thriving, even in spite of the economic downturn. It would seem like a miracle to the naked eye, but it’s no coincidence. There is a method to it.

This has, however, led to a significant increase in our energy consumption. A glance around your office right now will prove this point. There’s likely a desktop computer, tablet, and smartphone at every desk, isn’t there? And I bet that now, in the middle of the harsh winter, the office heating system is cranked up to eleven.

Given that we’ve all become so encompassed with reducing our carbon footprints, this may seem a little unproductive. And you’d be right. No matter what great lengths we go to at home to reduce our energy consumption, a lot of that hard work is undone in the office. Not only does that have a harmful effect on the environment, but it’s also equally eating away at your profit margins.

Let’s take a look at a couple of ways you can start to make amends for that right now. And, subsequently, leaving the planet and your bank balance in a much healthier position.


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Reduce Waste

We all hate waste, right? Statistics show that we’ve been making a conscious effort to cut out food waste at home, but what about at work? I don’t think the same can be said there. It’s probably down to the idea that we’re not paying for it, so who cares? That is the wrong mindset to adopt. You can make a couple of quick trade ups in order to cut out waste at work.

A printing supplier like Ricoh London could make a dramatic difference to your paper waste. Remember the digital age we talked about earlier? Make use of it and store all of your documents within the cloud. You could even offer your employees a flexible remote working schedule to cut costs in the office.


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Switch Up (and Off) Your Appliances

All of that energy usage is coming from somewhere. And the most energy-hungry of all are your appliances. Think about the big picture. Your computers are perhaps the most detrimental users of energy in the entire office. Trade them out for some laptops and you’ll drastically reduce your energy consumption.

Take a look around the kitchen. If you’ve got an industrial sized refrigerator for a small team, then you’ve got a problem. Buy a smaller one. Make sure that they all come from an energy efficient provider.

And, of course, switch all of your appliances off when not in use. It almost seems too obvious to say it, but we’re all guilty of neglecting this concept. Set computers to go into an automatic sleep mode when left idle. Hell, you can even use power strips to cut out wasted energy from your plug sockets.


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