Bored of Your Day Job? Here Are 10 Low Cost Business Ideas You Could Start

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Let’s face it, working in a monotonous job from 9am until 5pm everyday isn’t exactly the dream our younger selves had in mind. Bit by bit our youthful ambitions seem to fade into nothingness as we reach our early 20s and the realities of the working world really begin to hit home. You probably wanted to become a scientist, right? Or maybe even work for NASA flying spaceships around the galaxy? In truth, most of us will never achieve these goals no matter how hard we try, and so perhaps it’s time we lowered our expectations somewhat and attempted to build something slightly more realistic.

Here are 10 business ideas that you could start today with very little financial input. I hope I manage to inspire you.

  1. Garden Landscaping. So long as you’ve got a van (or at least a decent sized car) and some basic tools like a mower, strimmer and sheers, starting your own gardening business can be a fantastic way of earning a living. All you need to do is have some leaflets made up, post them through the right doors, and away you go.

  1. Babysitting. Okay, so, having a couple of families who are willing to let you look after their child from time to time probably isn’t going to make you rich, but if you started a company supplying quality babysitters, that might.

  1. Cleaning Services. Everyone likes to live in a clean and tidy home, right? So, in the much the same way you would promote a gardening business, start posting leaflets advertising yourself as a top quality cleaner. You’ll be surprised by how much interest you receive.

  1. Catering. Whether you invest in a burger van or concentrate your efforts on private functions, starting your own catering business can be a great way of improving your financial situation. Just bear in mind that you’ll need appliances like commercial refrigeration units, and will almost certainly have to apply for various licences from your local authority.

  1. Local Handyman. There will be literally thousands of people living within close proximity who end up paying through the nose to call-out tradespeople when their washing machine breaks or when an electricity socket starts to play up, so consider filling a gap in the market and providing these services more cheaply. Customers will fall at your feet.

  1. Freelance Writer. Becoming a freelance writer should cost you nothing more your time and bit of elbow grease. When trying to find your feet in this career, it’s always advisable to register on one of the many freelance websites to see how you cope with workloads. Though the jobs you obtain through them will be poorly paid, the experience and practice is essential.

  1. Pet Groomer. If you’re an animal lover with a bit of experience in making their coats look all nice and soft, then perhaps you should consider setting up your very own grooming service. In most cases you’ll be able to work from the clients home or the back of your van, so premises are not something you’ll need to worry about initially.

  1. Foreign Language Translator. Were you particularly good at speaking French, German or Spanish at school? Well, you might have trouble finding jobs with established companies as they’re more likely to seek out fully qualified individuals, but there is no reason why you can’t offer your services on a freelance basis and source customers yourself.

  1. Tutoring. There are plenty of children in our country who would benefit from some one to one tutoring on their weaker subjects. You’ll need to pay for a criminal records check, but other than this, there is nothing stopping you from advertising your expertise.

  1. Homemade Food Products.  Though you probably don’t want the hassle of having to get food hygiene certificates and all the issues that run alongside that, opting to start a business from home making specialist sauces or jams can be very fruitful (pun intended)

Well, there you have it guys. I’m certain something on that list must be of interest to you, so what are you waiting for?

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