7 Ways to Motivate Staff and Boost Morale

Having good members of staff can help to ensure that your customers and suppliers are kept happy, production and efficiency is high, all to help boost the business. There are, of course going to be times when staff feel a little stale, especially if they feel that they are not important to the business.

With this in mind, it is always best to ensure that your staff feel appreciated to help boost their morale and motivate them to continue the hard work that they have already put in.

Here are 7 ways that you can easily keep that morale up, not just benefiting you and your business, but also the staff that work for you.

Office Party

1 – Praise – We all like to get some form of recognition for things we have done well, and so just getting that pat on the back, a phone call or email to say well done can go a long way.

2 – Rewards – Even though it may be nice to get the praise, sometimes it can be a good idea to praise the team as a group. This can be way of a simple office party, to taking them all out for dinner. This is a good idea if a person has gone unnoticed but has put in a lot of hard work.

3 – Lead Positively – If you have a positive attitude to your work, and to those around you, you may just find that this can rub off on them. Keep your team focused with positive sayings and morale boosting talks.

4 – Staff Have The Right Tools – If your staff do not have the tools to carry out a job, they can feel like they have failed before they have even got going. This can slow down productivity and work, meaning more pressure to get things completed in time. Ensure that staff have the necessary tools to go about their job, quickly and efficiently, and if they need something, get it in quick.

5 – Training – By enrolling staff in training, you are showing to them that are worth something to and the business. It gives them a day away from the work environment and enhancing their skills, for bettering themselves and the benefit if your business.

6 – Take The Time To Listen – It can be all well in good that you offer praise etc. but staff can feel very let down when bosses do not listen to them. Take the time to talk to your staff, listen and take in any ideas they have, and don’t say no to them instantly.Think about the idea, if it is something that can work or needs a few tweaks that is going to boost the persons morale that you have faith in them. If the idea is not going to work, explain to them why it will not, and ensure them that you are open to new ideas and possibly give them a little direction to use for future ideas.

7 – Organise The Workspace – If the workspace is constricting, or someone is stuck in a corner and does not feel a part of the team you can have problems. Take a look around and see if there is a chance you can move things around so that everyone has the opportunity to interact with others.

Thank you to Sophie Jacombs who works for Randstad logistics jobs for this great post.

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