6 Reasons Why Your Small Business Might Adopt Remote Working

Decades ago, it was an accepted practice for businesses to require employees to work at the firm’s offices or one of their satellite offices, for example. These days, it is actually becoming commonplace for employees to work from home.

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There are obviously some cases where employees do still need to work at a company’s location, (for example, factory workers), but for those that can technically work from home, should you be embracing such an idea?

Here are 6 reasons why your business might adopt remote working.

1. Remote workers save your business money

When you have employees based at your offices, you will need to provide desktop computers for them to work at as well as the associated technology to enable communications, such as a telephone, a network connection, furniture such as desks and chairs, to name but a few expenses.

Employees that work from home can be supplied a cheaper laptop computer and a company smartphone to work from home, and they will obviously have their own furniture to use.

2. Staff can save money too

Your employees will not need to spend as much money on public transport or commuting costs such as fuel for their vehicles had they been required to spend the majority of their time working from your offices.

Those that prefer to work in silence will also be glad of the option to work from home, as it means they will be more productive.

3. The scope for hiring the best employees is increased

Traditionally you would have to hire employees that are based near to your offices, but if most of your staff can work from home, you do not need to apply any geographical restrictions to where they are based from. For example, you might be based in London, and your employee could be based in Glasgow!

4. Your business will be able to expand quicker

Because of the savings you will make by having remote workers, you will have more cash flow available to expand your business. The reduction in operating costs means that you can set aside the money you would have spent on those costs towards other areas of the business like marketing and product development.

5. Constantly evolving technology makes it easier to have remote workers

VOIP (voice over IP) services such as Skype make it easy and affordable to have video conference calls with employees, and dispenses for the need to have physical meetings at your offices. Such premier choice Internet technology also works great for call centres, as employees simply use a VOIP telephone system and their broadband connection to make and receive calls to clients!

6. Remote workers can foster their creativity

Sometimes it’s difficult to be creative in a formal business environment with people walking around in suits, annoying you with office politics. Employees that have creative jobs such as web designers and graphic designers can work from the relative peace and tranquility of their homes, and the familiar environment will help them to foster their creativity, which in turn means that they are more productive for your business.

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