5 Ways To Let Your Clients Know You Care


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Being in business is not only a case of putting you wears on display and waiting for clients to come in and buy from you; it is important that a good relationship is built up with them so that they will return and do more business. Many business owners find this easy as that is naturally built into their personality. Others, however, have to work a little harder and find client relationships to be among the most difficult aspects for being in business.

If you struggle to maintain a good relationship with customers and ensure that your business is always on their mind, read on. Here are some ways you can let your clients know that you care.

Make Them Feel Welcome

When your customer drops in, make them a cup of tea and invite them to sit down. Often, telling them how grateful you are for their business and how important they are to you is the best way of letting them know you care.

Loyalty Card

Make your customers feel special by offering them a loyalty card with no strings attached. The card could give them a discount on your products or services, encouraging them to come back and spend more money with you.


Perhaps as part of the loyalty card registration the customer’s date of birth and email address can be discovered. Then it is simply a matter of sending them a birthday card. If you have a lot of customers and the costs will be high, send e-cards instead. This service is provided for businesses by Ecard Shack and many others online. The cost of sending an e-card that is designed especially for your business is far less than sending a traditional paper card.


Produce a calendar for the coming year that has attractive photographs for each month of the year. There is no point in advertising heavy machinery or other products on these pages as no-one is likely to hand those in their homes. Attractive, generic photographs of people or places will work fine. Calendars that have plenty of room for notes to be jotted down work best.

Invite your clients to the Christmas party and relax with them over a glass of sherry. Let them know that they are part of the business family circle.

Business Lunch

Taking a good client out for lunch once in a while is enjoyable for you and them. High quality pub lunches are cheap and only take an hour. Pubs have come a long way from how they used to be; they are much more like restaurants now. The menus are extensive, and the food arrives at the table in a timely fashion.

Pay For a Taxi

If your top customer has, once again, been into your place of business and spent a lot of money on your products or services, order and pay for a taxi to take them home afterwards. Do drop hints, however, that this is only a treat as they are great customers and not to be expected at every visit.

Many faceless companies these offer special promotions to new customers only. In a smaller business where clients are met face to face, deals like this can upset your existing customers and so they are to be avoided at all cost. You can be friendly in business if you try hard.

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