5 Ways To Cut Down On Queue Times

If you are running a shop, there is nothing worse than seeing a long queue of customers ahead and being unable to deal with it. It can cause a lot of issues. Customers will suffer from a variety of frustrations – and they may even decide to leave without paying.

It can heighten the negative atmosphere, and people will get tense. Newcomers to the store will be frightened away before they even come through the door. In short, queues can be a nightmare for retailers – so here are a few tips on how to shorten them.


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Invest in technology

Update your shop floor technology, and you will find that you start relieving some of your queue problems. Find a technology partner that will work with you and develop a better, multichannel system. For example, handheld POS devices can help your staff deal with customers on the shop floor, without them having to queue. You will make sales quicker, keep people happier, and those snakey lines will reduce in no time.

Go online

The retail environment is changing at a rapid pace, with more consumers shopping from their homes these days. And, when there are massive queues in every shop, it’s no surprise. So, make sure that you have an online outlet for your shop, as well as a physical presence. It will give you another source of sales, and many of the people in your queues will be happy to avoid them next time.

Improve your stock control

How many of those people queueing are paying for goods, and how many have a query? If lots of people are asking for something, it is a sure sign your inventory is a little out of whack. Make sure that you have everything out on the shop floor – and that it is easy to find. There is plenty of help out there, through stock control systems and third party companies. Take Prima Solutions, for example. They teamed up with TDP Textiles and helped them develop a system that is easy to use and gives them many different benefits. A tailor made solution like this should see you stay on top of your stock and be able to replenish your shelves with no problem.

Get more people working the floor

Of course, another way of busting those queues is to have more assistants out on the floor. You could create an information or customer service desk, too. The more staff you have out there answering questions, the shorter your queues will be. Again, technology is going to come in handy here. Mobile devices can be used to determine whether a product is in stock – and it can take payment.

Get on the phone

Finally, the old-fashioned phone is still a useful tool for customer service. There are likely to be many people in your queue that want to ask a question, or place an order. There is nothing that they can’t do by ringing in instead. Yes, you will miss out on footfall – but it is sales and customer service that is more important. Neither of which will improve with queues that go around your store several times.


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