10 Awesome Employee Perks You Should Adopt At Your Business

Employee perks are the little bonuses and extras that come with a great job. We all expect a decent wage and a fulfilling career. But, it’s the perks that really set the best apart. It’s a culture that has evolved and developed in the tech world specifically. Offices in Silicon Valley are among the best equipped, and they offer the coolest employee perks.

Google are the flagship company here. Their offices are regular features in business magazines for their ingenuity and creativity. Some of them have rock-climbing walls, for example. They are fully catered day and night, and employees are given a desktop bonus as soon as they arrive. It’s a small pot of money that lets them kit their desk out however they want.

It got us thinking about what other cool employee perks were out there. Google set the standard, but what are other companies doing? It’s these little extra perks that generate employee loyalty. They create a wonderful environment where employees love coming to work. As an employer, you can learn a thing or two from these companies, and implement some perks of your own.

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1. Breakfast

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yet millions of workers set off for work without eating. Hectic schedules and child commitments create a mad rush in the mornings! By offering your employees breakfast on site, you can help slow them down, and get into the right mindset for work. Eating breakfast helps kick-start the brain, and put it into work mode. As an employer, you’ll benefit because you’ll unlock better productivity in the morning. Employees love it, because who doesn’t love free food?

2. Childcare

The hardest thing about a working parent’s life is organising childcare. Who’s going to drop the kids off in the morning? Who’s going to pick them up in the evening? That’s all before you’ve considered the price of childcare! That’s why some companies now offer a free onsite creche or nursery. You’ll simply bring your children with you to work, and have them taken care of on site. It’s the perfect way to slimline your daily routine, and ease the stress. It’s also a huge money-saver.

3. Gym membership

Good employers know that regular exercise brings out the best in their workers. Running and cycling releases feel-good hormones into the body. It gives the brain a sharp kick, and helps clear the head. A gym membership actively improves your employees productivity and motivation. They’ll work harder and better. Not only that, but they’ll stay healthy. Exercise is all about goal-setting and determination. This mind-set will feed back into the business.

4. Occupational health services

It’s important to take stock of how your work life is affecting your health. Long days in front of a computer can cause back problems and posture issues. Staring at computer screens can cause deterioration in the eyes. For some businesses, the hazards and health dangers are much more serious. Some work with dangerous materials and operate in risky environments. As a result, some employers are now offering occupational health assessments as part of their perks package. It helps keep employees healthy while on the job. And what could be more important than that?

5. Training

Most employees at top-level companies are ambitious. They’re eager to go further and take on more responsibility. They’re looking to reach the top of the company ladder. As a business owner, you should harness this ambition and drive. You should nurture it and encourage it. Use it to your advantage, and unlock your employees’ potential. You can do this by providing regular training and qualifications. Give them the chance to learn more and progress. They’ll reward you with loyalty, and bring that new knowledge back to the company.

6. Stock options

It’s very common for employees to receive stock options nowadays. It’s a great extra way to help build the pension pot. It also creates a sense of shared ownership. Owning stock in a company means you are a shareholder. You’re a part of the company itself. Again, it’s a brilliant way to generate loyalty, and reward employees with monetary bonuses.


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7. Ping Pong table

Everyone has that mid-afternoon slump. Your energy drains away, and you find yourself daydreaming (or looking at cat videos on YouTube). One way to reinvigorate yourself at 2.30pm is with a quick game of ping pong or table football. A quick break like this is proven to boost productivity among workers. Plus, you help improve partnerships and relationships in the building. It might even spark a few ideas as your employees come together to chat. Trust us, install a ping pong table, and you’ll become the world’s best boss overnight.

8. Free computer or tablet

You can’t go wrong with an offer of free hardware. The founders of Pinterest have always been very strict about their policy here. If you need a piece of equipment, they’ll send you off to the Apple store with the company credit card. Giving employees a dedicated work laptop or tablet is a wonderful way to inspire loyalty and productivity.

9. Discounts

Offering employee discounts isn’t a particularly new or novel concept. In fact, almost all companies do this, especially in the retail sector. It has become almost an expected part of business in that industry. Your employees will love the 30% discount card, and they’ll use it liberally! Plus, if you run a fashion store, it’s great if your employees are walking around in your clothes. Encourage it!

10. 20% time

20% time is a concept that originated at Google HQ. Essentially, it allows every Google employee to spend a fifth of their time working on their own projects. Every Friday, for example, you might focus on building a website for yourself. You might dive into a few hours of tutorials or training. The idea is that employees will sharpen their skills and tap into their passions. Google say it has produced some of their very best initiatives, including Gmail itself.

These employee perks are just what your workers need to stay motivated, healthy, and loyal. Find a perks package that works for you and your company. Trust us, it’s money well spent.


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